North Birmingham Academy has a policy that all students wear full Academy uniform, it is adhered to by all, the students have a sense of belonging.  A uniform encourages pride and creates a good image inside and outside the building.

Students dressed incorrectly may be withdrawn from lessons or sent home until their appearance is acceptable.

If there are problems, we request parents contact the Group Tutor for help and advice.

Uniform can be bought from Clive Marks Schoolwear (Boldmere, Sutton Coldfield) or ordered online from the Clive Mark website http://www.clivemark.co.uk/

The correct uniform for boys and girls is listed below, all items are compulsory unless marked otherwise. Variations are not allowed:

Black blazer with purple trim, Academy badge, white shirt/blouse and Academy tie – KS3 Girls, white open neck NBA shirt – KS4 Girls, NBA V-neck black sweater with Academy badge, plain black (non logos) or NBA Reversible Coat, ‘A’ line or straight black skirt that falls no shorter than 3 inches above the mid line of the knee OR tailored black trousers – not lycra or jean material/no exposed zips, sensible low heeled black shoes – no trainers, no logos, plain white or plain black socks or black tights.

We are currently having many girls wearing skin tight trousers, jeggings etc as part of their uniform, these are not acceptable and any students wearing them will be sent home.

Black blazer with purple trim, Academy badge, white shirt (regulation short/long sleeves), Academy Tie, NBA V-neck black sweater with Academy badge, Plain black (non logos) or NBA Reversible Coat, Black tailored trousers, plain black socks,  sensible black shoes – no trainers, no logos

All uniform and kit must be clearly marked with the student’s name.

Please see information on dimple soled trainers required for use of the AstroTurf  (dimple sole trainers)


Please note

  • Make-up is not allowed
  • No long nails or false nails (including nail varnish)
  • Trainers are not allowed, except for PE lessons
  • Studs and sleepers are not allowed in any other part of the body
  • Extremes of hairstyle, especially those likely to cause offence to other members of the community, are not allowed
  • No unnatural hair colours
  • Only thin, purple, black or brown hair bands are allowed
  • No patterned or shaved eyebrows
  • Religious headwear must be black
  • No hats, caps, scarves, gloves and hoodies to be worn inside the Academy building
  • No visible tattoos


  • 1 plain ring with no setting
  • 1 pair of simple gold or silver ear studs.  Stretchers are not allowed due to Health and Safety
  • 1 watch
  • no bracelets

Students will be sent home until they conform

Uniform Policy 


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