Student Application

  • YOU WILL NEED TO OBTAIN THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION FROM YOUR CURRENT/PREVIOUS SCHOOL, BEFORE THIS APPLICATION CAN PROCEED. Please contact your child's previous school and ask them to send all of this information to the following e-mail: for the attention of Admissions.
  • 1. SEND - at which stage: School Action (SA), School Action Plus (SA+) or Statemented (S). Previous links with other agencies i.e. Education Welfare Service, Child Guidance, Social Care & Health, CAMHS
  • 2. Has the student ever had a fixed-term exclusion? If so, when / why?
  • 3. Has the student ever attended: Ashbourne Centre/Burlington Centre/Kings Centre or Edu. Psychologist .
  • 4 Attendance report
  • 5. Behaviour report
  • 6. KS2 Data
  • 7. Current working at or predicted grade data from school
  • 8. Options - including exam boards
  • 9. Students last school report
  • Please give details of all persons who have any legal responsibility for this student and anyone else who could be contacted should an emergency arise when you are unavailable. One contact must match the student address

  • In submitting your personal data via this form, you consent to being contacted via the details provided so that your enquiry can be responded to. A backup of your data will be held but only authorised individuals will be able to access your data. If you would like your data to be removed, please email

Data Protection Act 1998

This information collected will be processed on compliance with the above named act. It will be used to administer your child’s progress through the education system and may be shared with the DfES, Local education authority, other schools and education establishments to which your child may progress, future and prospective employers, health and welfare practitioners and connexions. Connexions are entitled by law to receive details of pupils’ and parents’ names and addresses, but often find additional information beneficial when dealing with pupils. If you do not wish additional data to be disclosed to connexions, please notify us in writing otherwise we will assume your consent to disclose additional relevant information.

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