Life in the sixth form

At North Birmingham Academy Post 16 we believe that the experiences gained through our extra-curricular activities provide students with invaluable skills which enable them to become responsible citizens in society. In addition to this, universities and employers greatly value the transferable skills gained from supplementary education.

The extra-curricular programme is created in order to ensure students are well equipped for life after sixth form, teaching them skills for independent living to professionalism and social skills required for full time work.

Extra-curricular activities at NBA Post 16 include CV masterclasses, practice interview days, Extended Project Qualification, trips and visits, guest speakers, lessons on first aid, budgeting and cooking as well as providing an opportunity for students to meet new friends and earn an extra qualification.

At NBA Post 16, students receive personalised support and guidance to equip them with relevant skills and experience required for their aspirational career choice.

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