How we support our students

At North Birmingham Academy we pride ourselves on having high expectations of our students and challenge students to achieve their academic excellence.

High standards are upheld by the Post 16 team, each member of the team have a specific, dedicated and supportive role in ensuring that students receive holistic care whilst at our sixth form.

We offer excellent pastoral care to our Post16 students. During tutor time students are given the opportunity to debate current affairs, present to their peers about various historical and political topics they have researched, research career options and universities, take part in the wider school drive to improve literacy and numeracy by working as a student mentor. Students are given extensive information about how to apply to various opportunities available to them.

Students in Post 16 also have access to our specialist support department at any time throughout the school day where someone is on hand to discuss any school related or personal concerns that our students might be facing.

Students also receive a 1 hour mindfulness session each week which teaches them techniques to use in order to de-stress and how best to look after their mental health. Support is also available for students who might need a bit of extra guidance about their future career pathway through our careers advisor.

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