Important announcement about Homework

13 September 2019

Important announcement about homework.

Yr 7-8-9 students will be expected to learn the knowledge organisers for each subject they study.  There will be weekly quizzes about the information on the knowledge organisers on Wednesdays (Yr 9) and Thursdays (Yr 7/8) to check on the student’s progress during form time.  Students have the googleclassroom code to access the resources for  ‘Term 1a’ which they can do via any device that can connect to the internet.  If a paper copy of this knowledge organiser is needed, please ask for one via your child’s form tutor.  The first quizzes will start w/b 19th September.

Yr 10,11,12,13 homework will be set by class teachers and will normally involve revising for a mini-quiz or exam question which will take place regularly during lessons.  Some of these quizzes/exams questions will be on topics that students have not done for a while to help them practice their knowledge recall in that subject.  Each subject has it’s own googleclassroom where students can all the information required for this year.  This can be accessed in or out of school.

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