Clubs & Societies

There are a number of clubs which take place at North Birmingham Academy for all students in all year groups;


Year 7 – Netball, Drama,

Year 8 – Netball, Drama, Boys Football

Year 9 – Netball, Drama

Year 10 – Netball

Year 11 – Netball, Boys Football

Post 16 – Netball

Extra-Curricular – Schedule 

All clubs are 15:15 – 16:15


GCSE & A Level help
Students studying at KS4 and KS5 level are encouraged to use NBA facilities in the morning prior to lessons and at the end of the day to rehearse for their qualifications and/or work towards their theoretical elements. We are committed to ensuring that all students are able to achieve their best and when available, staff are happy to offer advice and support outside of scheduled lessons. This opportunity also extends to audition preparation for University and further study – please ask a member of the team for more information.

KS3 Dance Club
KS3 Dance Club is held every week and open to all students in Year 7, 8 or 9. The purpose of the weekly class is to extend students knowledge beyond the classroom and work towards performance opportunities such as the Christmas and Summer shows. Students who attend extra-curricular dance are likely to perform better in their final assessments due to their increased confidence and performance skills.

Dance Company
NBA has two dance companies. We meet weekly to create work performed both at NBA events and to participate in external competitions. Innovate Dance Company is for students in Year 7 – 9 and Evolve Dance Company is for students in Year 10 upwards. Entry into both companies is by audition, where students perform two contrasting styles of dance. Members of Evolve will have leadership and choreographic opportunities with Innovate and KS3 Dance Club.

Choir is open to all year groups, runs on a weekly basis and has historically been one of the most popular clubs we run in music, with between 20 – 50 pupils regularly attending. The choir is quite pupil led and generally we sing versions of songs that are selected by the group and work on them over a number of weeks. Pupils will learn to develop their vocal skill, range and technique through vocal warm-ups, group singing and through learning from the more senior members. They also learn to develop their skills in singing solo, 2/3/4 part harmony and how to blending different rhythms and melodies together.

Orchestra is open to all our instrumentalists and peripatetic students and is a new club, opened with the intention of providing a platform for our pupils to grow and develop their own instrumental skills, and also to develop their ensemble skills and ability to play in a large group. The club is working its way through material that is accessible to all ranges of age ability with the intention of gradual development and peer support from the more experienced players empowering them to participate in larger events such as the school shows and local events.

Music Tech
Music tech club is open to all pupils but is often attended by our older pupils who use the time to develop their skills and coursework for their GCSE submissions. The club allows pupils to access the newest technology and software available in the music industry and they have the opportunity to develop their skills in areas such as DI recording, midi processing and mapping, mixing and mastering, and composing more electronic based music and patterns.

Keyboard Club
Keyboard club is one of our most requested clubs with our KS3 pupils though it is used by all age groups. The music rooms are open access and pupils spend time on the keyboards working on music of their own choosing, a piece given by their instrumental teacher, classwork, or a piece given by the teacher. Pupils are encouraged to use technology such as YouTube and select songs of their own choosing. We support pupils in developing their technical and performance skills and help them achieve higher standards of ability, both within their personal musical interests and consequently within their classroom work.

There are normally four shows per year that students can be involved in.

NBA’s Got Talent goes virtual!

Returning to the Academy in September 2020 was surreal and new for everybody. Due to COVID protocols the Performing Arts Department were unable to provide extra-curricular activities, or the three shows we usually do in 4 months. It was important that we showed the students that ‘the show must go on’ and therefore produced ‘NBA’s Got Talent 2020’, albeit a little differently! Students auditioned and finalists were chosen, but instead of a live show we recorded each act to create a video.  Each act was filmed from 3 different angles and Mr Williamson created an amazing 30-minute show with opening features and fantastic performances.

Everyone in the Academy watched the show on November 30th with a week of voting. Each student in the Academy was able to cast their vote, as well as Teaching and Professional services staff, E-ACT colleagues, and students’ families (acts posted on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages).

The eventual winner was Sadia Islam in Year 11 who was presented with the trophy and £50 of Amazon vouchers to spend.

Congratulations must go out to all acts involved and everyone who made this year’s event possible.




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