Our curriculum in years 7-11

Curriculum Aims

Our curriculum intent is:

  • The curriculum at North Birmingham is knowledge rich which respects a wide range of subject disciplines and therefore provides students with the precise, powerful knowledge they need to succeed.
  • The curriculum at North Birmingham Academy is broken down into Composites and Components with the aim to master these components.
  • The curriculum at North Birmingham Academy will be sequenced and layered in order to build the schema and long-term memory of our students within subject disciplines and across the curriculum.
  • The curriculum at North Birmingham Academy will support scaffolding for students across K3-5 to ensure success for our students. It will develop reading, writing, speaking and numeric skills for pupils and extend the cultural capital of our students.
  • The curriculum maximises the impact of assessment. It is used to determine the extent to which pupils have learned the curriculum, but also to strengthen and deepen students’ long-term memory.

We are adamant that every student should follow an appropriate curriculum pathway that is designed to enable them to effectively progress into their next phase of their lives. Our curriculum model is not designed to be ‘one size fits all’ and we will draw upon internal and external solutions to ensure that the needs of every student is being met. We believe in producing well rounded individuals and appreciate that success comes in many guises. We will strive to ensure that every student achieves their potential during their journey at North Birmingham Academy.

In years 7-11 class sizes average 27.  At KS4, class sizes for ‘option subjects’ are dependent on the number of students who select that option.  Heads of Departments are allowed to choose whether to set by ability or to teach in mixed ability groups according to what they believe achieves the best outcomes in their subject.

There are five 1 hour lessons (6 for Year 11).  Subjects are delivered through a mixture of singles and double lessons as requested by Heads of Department.

PSHE to all years is taught during curriculum time, form time and supplemented through drop down days / visiting workshops/speakers throughout the year.

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Any questions?

If you have any questions or queries please contact Deputy Headteacher, Chris Seager email: chris.seager@e-act.org.uk

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