Our approach to learning

At North Birmingham Academy we are committed to the highest standards of teaching and learning and we are relentless in the desire to improve standards.

We want students to become independent, self-motivated learners, developing the qualities that are so highly sought after by colleges, universities and employers.

Whilst there are many elements of a traditional approach to education, teachers are encouraged to identify the most appropriate way to teach every part of the curriculum.

Within the curriculum we put an emphasis on the literacy and numeracy skills needed by our students for success in and out of the academy; thus allowing them to be able to analyse information, express ideas and support their arguments.

Our PSHE and Citizenship programme supports the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of students. Students are taught British Values through our tutorial programme, Academy ethos, assemblies and general expectations.

Sport and Arts are an important part of our Academy identity and we encourage all students to take an active part in extra curricular activities.

The ability of the performing arts to embrace all subject disciplines and social activities empowers pupils with the skills needed to communicate more effectively in whatever profession they end up involved in.

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