Equality Objectives

Equality Objectives

During our OFSTED Inspection in March 2018, a team inspector described North Birmingham Academy as a “microcosm of the very best of British Society” as he reflected on the relationships between students, staff and all members of the school community.  We are extremely proud of our community diversity and seek to build on the comment above as an exemplar of effective equality and diversity in action.

As an Academy our community reflects and celebrates the exciting diversity in the City.

Educational Objectives
To provide world-class education opportunities to all students regardless of background.Develop opportunities for young people to experience the extraordinary through, for example, enrichment programmes, educational visits, CEIAG programme.Headteacher, supported by all staff.
To deliver a curriculum tailored to meet the needs of pupils and designed to give a broad range of experience that supports young people in moving to the next stage of their careers.Ensure that in all key stages students access a broad curriculum offer including core subjects, arts, performing arts, sport and enrichment.

Ensure that qualification led courses effectively support students moving to the next steps in their education.
Senior Leadership, Middle Leadership and Teaching teams.
To actively challenge discriminatory behaviour.Through tutorial programme, PSHE provision and pastoral care that pupils are aware of their responsibility to challenge discrimination.

A robust response to any incidents of discriminatory behaviour in the academy including, where necessary, engagement of external agencies.
Headteacher, Pastoral team supported by all staff and students.
Operational Objectives
To develop a workforce that reflects the diversity of our community at all levels within the organisation.Recruitment and retention of high quality staff who are committed to the ethos and culture of NBA is critical to the successful achievement of our equality objectives.
- HR recruitment processes explore candidate views and experience of equality and diversity.
- HR ensure that any questions related to equality of opportunity are considered carefully and followed up effectively.
Headteacher and senior leadership team.
To develop a workforce that understands effectively the developmental needs of our students and works actively to overcome barriers to progress.NBA is committed to working towards becoming an attachment aware and trauma informed school.
All staff have received awareness training that will support them in responding effectively to the needs of all pupils, particularly in relation to behaviour.
SENDCO, Thrive leads supported by whole staff team.


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